Did you know sustainability can bring you more customers, grow staff engagement and productivity
and reduce your costs?

Big businesses are using this strategy to tap into the $12 trillion market demand for sustainable products.

But it has mostly been out of reach for small businesses, without teams of corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals and expensive management consultants. But I'm on a mission to bring this transformation to small and medium businesses.

It’s all about finding your sustainability superpower, the one area where you can focus your unique skills to make a contribution.

Small business? Medium business? Start-up? If you're not addressing sustainability in your business, you're being left behind. Especially in a world emerging from Covid-19.

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About this website

Small Mighty CSR helps small and medium businesses protect the environment, look after their staff and give back to their community by applying sustainability principles in their operations and strategy. We provide online resources, self-assessments, training, coaching and consulting.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Sara. I believe in the power of small business to have mighty impact. After 15 years driving sustainability in corporates and government, I am bringing my expertise to support small businesses - those with the passion, innovation and agility to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

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Next steps

Check out the resources section for FAQs, glossary, handy resources list and case studies. I am also available to speak to your team or network or provide done-for-you consulting and by-your-side coaching.

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What questions do you have about sustainability in your business? What are you hoping to achieve and where are you getting stuck?

Send me an email or reach out for a 15-minute strategy call so
I can help you get started.

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