Be a more sustainable business

Do you want to make a difference in your community and do the right thing for the environment?

Well great news, because applying practices in your business that help create a better world can also create a better, thriving business. It attracts loyal customers who want to support a cause and passionate employees committed to work that aligns with their values, and even reduces your costs!

And even better news, I can make it easier. You don't have to do it all, just find the one area where you can make the biggest difference based on your business' unique influence - your sustainability superpower.

If you're like many small businesses, you're already applying a few good practices in your business like turning off the lights, recycling and maybe giving to a community cause, just because you know it's the right thing to do.


You know you could be doing more than these scattered initiatives, but you don't have time to waste on anything that isn't essential in your business, and the list of sustainability 'should-do's can be long and overwhelming!

I can help.

At Small Mighty CSR we help you get clarity on what sustainability truly means to your business. Sustainability shouldn't be peripheral initiatives, but align deeply with your business goals.

I'll help you take a strategic approach focused on the most important actions. You'll discover how your business itself can make a real difference, rather than playing small.

Sara Redmond-Neal photo leaning on wall

Maximise your impact

It comes down to the 4 keys to sustainability:

  • Know why sustainability is important to you and relevant to your business
  • Do less harm by identifying your negative impacts and reducing those
  • Do more good by identifying your business' unique contribution
  • Talk about it by listening to your stakeholders and sharing your progress authentically

So where do you start?

Free DIY Strategy Workbook

Take advantage of the free workbook to help you get the process started. It provides a limited version of the same process as the done-with-you version, and I can also provide a review of your draft strategy for a low price.

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