CSR Self-Diagnostic

Are you a corporate social responsibility (CSR) champion or need a bit of work?

Take this short, 15-minute quiz to see how your business performs against common customer and investor expectations across environmental, social and governance factors.

You’ll get a quick snapshot of how your business is currently performing across 10 key areas of CSR, resulting in an output similar to the below chart.

Your answers will be compared against industry expectations for your sector and business size, so you can clearly see any gaps relevant to your business and identify your priority actions.

Quick CSR Check-up results

This tool is a beta version in Excel. I would love to receive your feedback through the survey you'll receive with the tool to help improve it before it gets turned in to a web app.

Want a deeper look at your business' performance and gaps? This diagnostic is a brief version of the more comprehensive Sustainability Maturity Assessment service which looks in detail at current initiatives and helps identify specific steps to improve and a clear action plan.

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