Quick Start Sustainability Checklist

Top tips to become a more sustainable business

So you're ready to start becoming more sustainable, but what does that look like? Where do you start?

This short checklist is your go-to resource to understand the core actions for your business to embed sustainability principles. It follows the four-pillar sustainability framework of:

  • Know why
  • Do less harm
  • Do more good
  • Talk about it 
Quick Start Sustainability Checklist

These principles are the same across sizes and sectors. The actions in this checklist are focused on those that you can do within a small or medium size business' resources and influence, and also on those that have the greatest impact, the biggest return on your effort.

Sustainability is not something that is achieved in a day. Pick one action in this checklist to focus on first, acknowledge that accomplishment, and move on to the next. There will always be more to do, but each box ticked is an achievement.

Get started in sustainability


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