Your customers expect you to be a responsible business. I can help.

Welcome! You've just found a brand new resource for small businesses, backed by 15 years of experience. I've had so many businesses ask me where they could learn about how to be more sustainable, and I had to tell them there wasn't a good resource out there for them. So I've decided to change that.

Small Mighty CSR offers three key areas of support:

Check out our two free tools:

  • Quick CSR Check-up - for businesses just starting out on the road to CSR to get a quick snapshot of their performance and key gaps. (approx 15 mins)
  • Sustainability Strategy DIY Guide - for businesses who want to develop a strategic and robust approach to sustainability, ensuring they are focusing on the most important actions and objectives with the greatest return for the business and stakeholders. (up to 4 hours)

You can also check out other free resources such as the Glossary, FAQ, articles, external resources list and case studies.

I am continuously building new tools and resources, so please reach out and tell me what you'd like to see, or help me out by filling out this quick survey.

Sustainability is not a burden or a must do, but an opportunity to grow a business that makes them, their employees and community proud. To build a better business and a better world.

Make this the year you take responsibility in your business. Start with one of the tools listed above, or book in for a 1 hour consultation call.