Consulting and Coaching

Clarity and confidence in your CSR approach.
If you need a little more support in developing and implementing a sustainability approach, I'm here for you. With 15 years of experience implementing CSR in organisations across sectors, I can take the hard work and overwhelm out of social responsibility.

Drawing on my knowledge of industry impacts, stakeholder expectations and best practices, I can design a CSR approach appropriate to your business, develop supporting documents, implement key initiatives, or work with you step by step to build your knowledge.


Done-for-you CSR, including:

  • Assessment of triple bottom line and material sustainability issues for your business
  • Facilitating virtual workshops to develop sustainability vision, objectives and opportunities, as well as gain staff buy-in and enthusiasm
  • Selecting strategic priority focus areas and actions
  • Drafting of strategy, policy and standard operating procedure documents
  • Development of management systems, including EMS and HSMS, including hazard identification, risk registers, controls and training
  • Design and implementation of initiatives for specific sustainability aspects including environment, labour, community, diversity, health & safety, anti-corruption and supply chain.
  • Presenting to senior management staff on what sustainability means to your industry and customers, facilitating commitment to CSR goals
  • Development of progress measurement processes and drafting of internal and external communications on performance
  • Achieving product or business certifications.

By your side through the CSR process, including:

  • Regular calls to answer questions, review progress, provide feedback on process and advise on challenges and next steps
  • Review of completed assessments such as triple bottom line and material sustainability issues to ensure completeness and robust input
  • Review of draft documents from an expert perspective to align with best practice and meet stakeholder expectations.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.