Sustainability Maturity Assessment

Is your CSR approach good enough?

Are you doing what your customers expect of a responsible business or supplier?

As a business, you try to be responsible. You’ve implemented a few practices to reduce your energy use, recycle waste, support the wellbeing of your staff, maybe even give back to your community. But with all the talk about sustainability and CSR these days, and customers increasingly asking questions, are you doing enough? What even IS enough?

As someone who used to assess suppliers on behalf of their customers, I have a pretty good idea. That’s why I’ve designed a maturity assessment specifically for small and medium businesses that pulls together the practices that I would expect to see of a business.

It rates your performance against three levels

Level 1 - Required legal compliance

Level 2 - Responsible business practice to further minimise harm

Level 3 - Best practices for doing more good

This assessment is designed for you if you want an honest assessment of your current CSR approach, and either:

  • Clarity on what gaps you have and what kind of actions you should be taking to improve
  • Confidence that you are taking the right actions and can demonstrate that to customers.

What does it involve?

An audit of practices in 10 areas of CSR, including environment, workers, community, supply chain, governance and overall management approach. This includes interviews with the individuals responsible for each of these areas to discuss existing practices, how well they are currently working and opportunities for improvement.

A benchmark evaluation that compares your answers and current CSR approach against standard expectations for your sector and size of business. The resulting report and rating can be shared either internally to communicate areas for improvement and serve as a baseline for improvement, or externally to demonstrate your strong performance to your stakeholders.

Development of an action plan to address gaps identified. We will discuss desired performance levels in each area of the benchmark and prioritise actions specific to your business to quickly get you to your chosen goals. 

These are delivered over the course of 4 steps:

  1. 1
    Opening planning meeting
  2. 2
    1-5 interviews with relevant managers to complete the 'audit'
  3. 3
    Workshop to review the results and agree an action plan
  4. 4
    Closing meeting and final deliverables

What does it cost?

The above interviews, planning workshop, two meetings and two deliverables cost only $999.

That and less than a day of your and key team members’ time. 

This is a special 2020 introductory price, so don’t wait! Additional discount is available for micro businesses (<5 employees). Please enquire for a quote.

Find out where your business stands on the path toward sustainability and the steps to take to get there.

Request a call from Small Mighty CSR to start planning your Sustainability Maturity Assessment.

Not quite ready to commit? Complete the Quick CSR Check-up first. It will give you a rough indication of your performance. If you decide you want more detail after that, you can progress to the full Maturity Assessment.