Our Sustainability Roadmap

You’ve identified your business needs to adopt a more sustainable approach to attract more customers and align with your employee’s values. So where do you start? How do you make sure you’re going about it strategically, with a clear understanding of where you are now, where you want to be, and the most effective steps to get there?

Small Mighty CSR can start you off right with expert guidance. Our Sustainability Roadmap Development is a done-with-you process that takes you through the four key phases of planning your sustainability approach.

Through this process, you will gain the benefit of an experienced sustainability practitioner and advisor working closely and guiding you through the steps to establish a vision, understand your impacts and opportunities, plan your actions and begin implementation.

Rather than outsourcing your strategy development completely, this maximises the value of your input every step of the way, as well as building the capability, sustainability awareness and buy in of your team by being involved in the process. At the same time, the hard work is done for you behind the scenes and you can have confidence in the results.

The process is driven by 4 workshops, conducted with your key team members:


Workshop 1: Visioning

We will clarify the goal of your business’ sustainability program by looking at your business values and drivers, your stakeholders (customers, employees, community, regulators, etc) and what matters to them, and existing and planned initiatives.

By the end of the workshop we will have drafted a vision or purpose statement for your sustainability strategy. (1.5hrs)


Workshop 2: Impacts and opportunities

We will take a close look at your business’ triple bottom line to prioritise the most material issues based on your ability to influence them as a small business. This will include mapping the business from product manufacture to end of life, identifying your current impacts on people, the environment and the economy (both positive and negative) and identifying opportunities to do more good.

By the end of the workshop we will have identified 3-5 key focus areas for your sustainability strategy. (2hrs)


Workshop 3: Action planning

We will develop a clear roadmap to addressing the focus areas identified in the previous workshop. This will involve narrowing down the long list of potential actions to those with a clear contribution to your goal, prioritising quick wins and laying groundwork for larger changes, and assigning timelines and responsibilities.

By the end of the workshop we will have established SMART goals or targets for each of your focus areas and a detailed action plan. (1.5hrs)


Workshop 4: Implementation

We will set you up for success in implementing your action plan by considering the supporting structures. This will include communicating it to staff and customers, tracking your progress, celebrating achievements, continued learning and adjusting your approach over time. 

By the end of this workshop you will be confident in your ability to achieve your goals and communicate your progress to stakeholders. (1hr)

These workshops will be delivered remotely through videoconferencing to protect everyone’s health from COVID-19. Businesses based in Melbourne can schedule in-person workshops for late 2020. Other Australian businesses may also schedule in-person workshops with additional travel costs.

Supporting these four key workshops, the process will also provide:

  • An opening meeting to plan the workshops with you
  • A closing meeting to discuss any feedback and address any questions that arise as you begin your implementation phase
  • A final draft strategy-on-a-page for you to share internally and externally
  • A detailed action plan with clear timelines and responsibilities
  • A visual life cycle map of your business, key products and areas of influence for future reference
  • A qualitative triple bottom line assessment of your negative and positive impacts
  • A materiality matrix chart to show any corporate customers your best-practice CSR approach.

What does it cost?

The above four workshops, two meetings and five deliverables cost only $999.

That and less than a day of your and key team members’ time. 

This is a special introductory price, so don’t wait!

Why do you need a sustainability strategy?

Without a strategic approach, you are likely to be wasting time and missing out on key business opportunities. You might have a few initiatives in place here and there, but so far these have been ad hoc and their impact is questionable. You need to focus your limited time and money on what’s really important, i.e. what has the greatest return on investment for your business, society, and the environment.

If you’ve been thinking you should put together a sustainability strategy for your business, this is the right time. Customer expectations of the businesses they buy from continue to increase, especially as they become more values-driven and conscious about their purchasing following COVID-19. And if you supply to corporate customers, you can’t get around their increasingly rigorous CSR requirements.

I know it can be overwhelming – that’s why I’ve brought my 15 years of corporate sustainability experience to specifically help small businesses respond and take advantage of the opportunities in sustainability with practical, affordable advice.

With my support you will gain not only expertise across industries and sustainability issues, but also a credible, external perspective to help facilitate discussions with your team and achieve buy-in.

So no more excuses, no more delays, no more wasting time googling! Get your sustainability strategy in place and rolling this year. Don’t let this mess of a year be a complete waste, make it be the year you finally got serious about sustainability.

Request a call from Small Mighty CSR to start planning your Sustainability Roadmap Development and book in your first workshop.