About Small Mighty CSR

Small Mighty CSR is here to help small business entrepreneurs become sustainability superheroes.

Sustainability, also known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) or ESG (environmental, social and governance) is increasingly expected of businesses of all sizes. But it doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, implementing sustainability in your business will help you reduce costs, attract customers, keep your staff happy and productive, and give back to your community (seriously - check out the business case). You don't have to do it all - just focus on your business' unique superpower, that one area where you can contribute the most to a better world.

That’s what Small Mighty CSR is all about – simple, practical actions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that make sustainability an opportunity, not a burden.

What does Small Mighty CSR offer?

I understand that small businesses don’t have a team of CSR professionals and budget devoted to this stuff. That’s why Small Mighty CSR is designed to be practical, powerful, and affordable. It offers three levels of service, depending on your needs and budget:

Do it yourself

with low cost tools and training:

  • Sustainability Policy Template (coming soon!)
  • Quick-Start Checklist
  • ESG for Business Success Webinar (coming soon!)

Done with you

coaching and cohort learning:

About the team

Hi, I’m Sara. I’ve been working in sustainability since 2006. For much of that time, I worked for the big end of town, large businesses and government organisations, to integrate sustainability into their own strategy, operations and supply chain.

My specialty was sustainability in supply chains and procurement, i.e. the codes of conduct, assessments, and other requirements that those large organisations were pushing onto suppliers, maybe including you!

But I noticed many small suppliers were overwhelmed by these requirements. Often, they would tell me they wanted to improve their environmental and social performance, but didn’t have the skills and couldn’t afford an expensive consultant.

Sara Redmond-Neal headshot

I am also a passionate communicator, with a depth of experience training, writing guides and tools, and even university lecturing, so I was inspired to make sustainability accessible to every business with low-cost resources and practical training.

Along the way, I learned that one size does not fit all – the ‘ESG’ approach applied by large organisations doesn’t work at a small scale! I’ve created tailored strategies designed for ‘lean’ business. I’ve also developed a real passion for small businesses – innovative problem solvers with the agility and drive to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

You can see more about my experience here

Interested in joining the team? For now, Small Mighty CSR is very ’lean’ itself, but if you’re interested in an internship for entry-level experience, let’s talk.

About sustainability, CSR and ESG

Yes, it’s a bit of alphabet soup. But no matter what you call it, the context businesses are operating in has changed. All businesses are expected to act responsibly for people and the planet.

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they focus on different aspects. Sustainability is a large-scale state of equilibrium addressing environmental, social and economic aspects, beyond any single organisation. CSR (corporate social responsibility) is an organisation’s contribution to achieving that goal, and ESG (environment, social and governance) is a handy shorthand for the three pillars a business should address. Learn more here.

What does that mean for business? It means minimising your negative impacts (doing less harm) and looking for ways to contribute in a positive way to sustainability goals (doing more good). Check out our simple, 4-part sustainability framework.

It means being more efficient with your energy, water and waste, looking after your employees, doing what’s best by your customers, ensuring your products are made responsibly, and maybe even giving back to your community.

But exactly what that looks like will be different for every business, depending on your sector, your specific activities, and your own customers’, employees’ and other stakeholders’ expectations. Small Mighty CSR offers guidance to help you discover what it means for your business.

Are you a:

Supplier (B2B) to corporate or government buyers that have imposed a Supplier Code of Conduct or CSR questionnaire

Improve your performance on CSR questionnaires and establish the policies, procedures, systems and monitoring to meet your customers’ expectations of a responsible supplier.

For more information on meeting your customers’ supplier expectations, see here.

Business that sees a strategic opportunity to grow and engage its customers and employees through sustainable products and practices

Identify your core sustainability vision, unique positioning (superpowers), and a roadmap to achieve your goals and communicate your approach to your customers and employees.

For more information on developing your sustainability strategy, see here.