About me

Sara Redmond-Neal

I have spent 18 years advising businesses and governments on how to care for people, planet and profit – by applying corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles and practices.

I saw small businesses missing out on the benefits of sustainability so now I am bringing my expertise to support them apply it with practical action steps.

If you are a small business entrepreneur who wants to sell to large businesses or governments, I can help you meet their sustainability requirements. I know exactly what your customers expect of their suppliers, because I helped develop their purchasing policies.

If you are a values-driven business that wants to do the right thing, even make a difference in the world, I can help you do it more effectively and reap the rewards of customer loyalty and employee engagement.

My job is to help you concentrate on your passion, and create a competitive advantage for your business.

My story

I’m an engineer, advisor and educator, and I believe in business as a force for good. I also believe in the power of small business entrepreneurs - people with the passion, innovation and agility to tackle the world's biggest challenges.

I have helped dozens of large organisations across real estate, construction, telecommunications, mining, energy, apparel, food & beverage, entertainment and government to understand and manage their supply chains – that’s the goods and services that they buy from you! This included setting supplier standards, evaluation criteria, contract requirements and key performance indicators (KPIs).

But while these businesses were setting strict performance standards, most were doing little to actually help suppliers meet them. When suppliers would express interest in improving their business practices and asked where they could learn how, there was never a good resource to point them to.

Empowering small business

My passion for small business began when I helped to establish the Supply Chain Sustainability School in Australia in 2014, adapting the UK School and online learning modules to the Australian construction industry. This initiative met a huge need in the market - bringing sustainability guidance to small construction suppliers in an accessible, online format.

I later led an initiative in 2019 with three Victorian local government councils to expand the School to be relevant to additional small business sectors. I also authored a guidance document for suppliers to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to help them meet the games' sustainability standards. Both times, suppliers were so appreciative of the support and asked for more.

So I decided it was time someone provided a practical, affordable resource to help small businesses apply sustainability practices and take advantage of the growing opportunities in that space... and realised that someone would have to be me!

Uniquely qualified

I understand the day-to-day realities of running a small business (including starting my own business during Covid-19!) and being too busy and under-resourced, especially when facing the complex topic of sustainability. I know as a small business owner or manager, you want to make sure you’re not wasting time and money going down the wrong path.

Not only have I helped your customers establish their supplier expectations, but I've also helped to train hundreds of international executives, directors and managers in transforming their organisations toward sustainability through the University of Cambridge Sustainability Leadership Programmes and taught many more up-and-coming sustainability professionals as a lecturer of Sustainable Business Practices in University of Melbourne’s Master of Business. So I know the strategies for implementing sustainability within a business and can help you prioritise, establish a plan, get buy-in and communicate your results.

In addition to working one-on-one with small businesses since starting Small Mighty CSR, I have also been working one-to-many, developing resources and training for SMEs through their membership associations and local government councils, including Australian Retailers Association, CPA Australia, Australia Post, Victorian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the Go Full Circle Program. I also work with two startup sustainability tools, Brownee and Greener.

I am passionate about the mighty impact that small business can have. Small business owners are creative problem solvers, connected with real issues facing their community and industry, and motivated to act. I created this website to help them harness those superpowers to solve the world's pressing challenges and build a more successful business in the process. 

Your turn! What challenges are you facing when it comes to sustainability in your business? Let me know in this quick survey and you could win a free strategy and action planning session with me. I need your input to serve you better!

Or just drop me a line and let me know how I can help!